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Whenever eminent physicians treat an illness, they must quiet the spirit and settle the will; they must be free of wants and desires, and they must first develop a heart full of great compassion and empathy. They must pledge to devote themselves completely to relieving the suffering of all sentient beings.

– Sun Simiao, Father of Chinese medicine

Meet Sarah Beth 

Believing that each body is unique and that the body’s innate wisdom is capable of restoring health and well-being, Sarah Beth focuses on nurturing her patients’ needs, with an intermodal, compassionate and caring attitude.


A life long student of health and alternative healing, Sarah Beth has possessed immense interest in natural healing at an early age. After her mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, she worked tirelessly to find holistic treatments offered both in the United States and Europe. Following this experience, Sarah Beth’s focus expanded from promoting healthy dietary lifestyles to applying physical healing techniques to complement traditional healthcare.

Sarah Beth's formal healing training began with Healing Touch Program, where she completed Level IV training, and continued with advanced anatomy courses. She received training in CranioSacral Therapy (CST), a conduit for healing through gentle manipulations of the central nervous system, at the Upledger Institute. She then further advanced her techniques for both pediatrics and adults through SomatoEmotional Release, Visceral Manipulation and CST for the immune system.

After completing initial Medical QiGong training from the world-renowned QiGong master Robert Peng, Sarah Beth has incorporated medical qigong, a form of Chinese energetic therapy, into her practice with consistent results. She is also certified in advanced level Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) which works with the body's cellular memory and energetic field. Together, these approaches enhance healing and achieve balance in one's body.


A certified Medical Qigong practitioner and therapist, in 2018 Sarah Beth completed Master level medical qigong training with Dr. Bernard Shannon at the International College of Medical Qigong in Southern California.

Affiliations and member of:

  • International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

  • The Upledger Institute

  • The Barral Institute

  • International College of Medical Qigong

  • NQA

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